Apple Basket

This game cannot be played on a small screen!

Please try on a PC with at least 1080p resolution.

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Mouse / Touch Controls

(Please click the game window to capture it)

Click / Tap and Dragmove arms

About Apple Basket

"Apple Basket" is an educational game for children. An alien planet has a scarcity of food until a special "Tree of All" grows, which our protagonist gathers food for the populace. Along the way they will learn about GMOs and how to grow organic food.

One of the original gameplay mechanics involved being able to control four baskets simultaneously. This uses custom code that allows all four fingers to be tracked separately, plus the alien character will maneuver to stay centered between the four baskets. This game works better on larger screens due to the amount of fingers on the screen.

This game was chosen by Hand Eye Society to participate in the Ontario Creates IDM Fund Futures Program!


Alex Maletich (Red5 Sound)

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