Chased By Yeti

This game cannot be played on a small screen!

Please try on a PC with at least 1080p resolution.

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Keyboard Controls

(Please click the game window to capture it)

Player 1Q and Z
Player 2E and C
Player 3U and B
Player 4O and M

Supports 1-4 players on one keyboard!

About Chased By Yeti

Four Mountain Climbers have to scale to the top of the mountain! You gotta keep your team tethered together, or else they'll fall to their death! Oh, and avoid the Yeti!

Developed at TOJam 13 (a three-day game jam with the theme "Winning is for Losers") to work as a four-player cooperative game, or can be played alone for a more hectic playstyle!


Alex Maletich (Red5 Sound)

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