Race to Sparklepop

This game cannot be played on a small screen!

Please try on a PC with at least 1080p resolution.

Also available in the following app stores:

[itch.io] [android]

Keyboard Controls

(Please click the game window to capture it)

Player 1W A S D
Player 2I J K L
Player 38 4 5 6

Supports 1-3 players on one keyboard!

About Race to Sparklepop

Race to Sparklepop lets you and your friends race balloons past sharp, pointy objects to get to the finish line first! Developed at TOJam 12 (a three-day game jam with the theme "prepare for disappointment") to work as a three-player game crowding around one keyboard.

I later redesigned the game for Android phones, using the GameMaker networking functions, but custom-built an automatic networking system (the app will find other local players automatically if they are on the same wifi network).


Alex Maletich (Red5 Sound)

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